We are excited that Pastor Rose's book "Confessions of Faith" is now available. You can order online by clicking the icon above. Pastor Rose first had the idea for this book after years of pastoral counseling asking people to repeat the scriptures aloud. Seeing the power of scriptural confession changing lives is what prompted him to put hundreds of confessions of faith in this book. We know that it will be a tool for all who choose to
read these confessions, believe
these confessions and speak
these confessions! Please read
the excerpt from the foreword of
the book below:
Christ Assembly Church

Pastor Jesse Rose has spent
over 50 years in the ministry as
a pastor, evangelist, and
counselor ministering about the
key God's Holy Spirit has given
us to unlock His Word and make it a personal experience. That key is found in making right confessions of faith found only in the bible. Simply put this book makes the scriptures real. Several hundred personal confessions of faith to create within your heart, mind, and mouth the right concept of who you are in Jesus Christ. 
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