Pastor Jesse & Mrs. Dorothy Rose
Founders of Christ Assembly Church
Christ Assembly Church

Below is an excerpt from the "About the Author" pages of Pastor Rose's
book "Confessions of Faith". It seemed fitting to allow his daughter
Norma Jean Rose Cabezuela to tell the history of our founding Pastor
and his wife, for she had a first hand account of most of what you read

May I just say one quick comment, as the apostle Paul once wrote to
Philemon  v.19 " owe me your very self." I can only speak for
myself but have a heavy inclination that you the reader feels much the
same way I do. Had it not been for the faithfulness of Pastor Jesse
and Sis. Dorothy Rose, where would we be? There will always be a
place in my heart next to my savior Jesus Christ, for the two people
that showed me Jesus wrapped in earthly dwellings. To them I feel
I owe my very self. Love you both Scott

"Retired Pastor Jesse Rose has been singing and preaching the Gospel since he was 20 years old. As a young man he traveled throughout the southern part of the United States evangelizing. He pastored churches in Arkansas and Tennessee before coming to California. In 1971, Jesse and Dorothy Rose started Christ Assembly Church in National City, California with the help of Florence Johnson, Mirl and Carol Magers, Jack and Vivian Pearson, Bob and Ila Pinegar, and a number of others.

A few weeks after the church opened its doors, a young Marine named Alan Kemper started attending and he invited a shipmate from the Navy, Mike Cross, Sr. to the church. The ship they were on (the U.S.S. Blueridge) sailed to the Gulf of Tonkin near Vietnam where the ship took sniper fire from the shoreline.  Alan and Mike started having prayer meetings and Bible study on the ship that drew many and began a revival bringing many souls to the Lord. When the ship returned to the San Diego area, there were over one hundred young men and women that filled the pews of Christ Assembly. Young men like Tom Reimer, Steve Ratliff, Ransom Bloomer, and Alan Kemper continue in the ministry today. A number of these young men and women met and married their spouses at the church. News spread fast that Christ Assembly was where the military was gathering in the San Diego area and Sailors and Marines from other ships and bases came in great numbers.

Hundreds came to know the Lord from this small
ministry in National City. Over the years ministers
have blossomed under the leadership of Pastor
Rose. I’ll name a few: Scott Cross (pastor);
Carol Magers (women’s and children’s ministries);
Beth Nichols (women’s ministries); Rick Mordoff,
(internet ministry); John Untalan, (pastor);
Joe Cabezuela Sr. (deceased), and two of the
greatest musicians that I have known, Aaron
Magers and Jonathan Magers. Many have
branched out, spreading the good news
throughout the United States. We receive calls
from many of our past members who still
consider Christ Assembly to be their home
church, because of the love and guidance they
found in our small church.

Soon after the great depression, Jesse Rose,
(my dad) was born in Arkansas to Vachel Boone
Rose and Bessie Wills Steidley Rose. Born
prematurely, weighing slightly over three pounds,
my grandmother placed him in a boot box next to
the wood burning stove to keep him warm.
Bessie Rose was a strong woman of faith and
believed that God would keep her son alive. God
honored her prayers; I like to say that my dad has
outlived every earthly expectation from the moment
he took his first breath. His siblings are: Melba,
V.B., Iris, and Winnie. They were a very close knit

Dad tells so many wonderful stories about my grandmother and how she would call him in by her side daily to read the Word and pray. This woman of faith taught my dad by example! Because of these early years, many souls have been harvested for the Lord. One of the stories dad tells about his childhood, is how my grandfather had gotten enough work to pay the rent on a farm (five dollars a year) and buy a couple of cows, two horses, some chickens and hogs. They were very poor at that time but he didn’t know it. He said, “I remember when we first moved there, we ate a lot of Crowder peas and sweet potatoes.” He learned later that his mom and dad had picked the peas and dug the yams on the halves (due to the depression, there was so little money to pay people, the only way to get crops harvested, was to give them half of what was harvested), and that is the way my grandparents were able to feed their family until the garden came in the next summer. The great depression was over, but the people in Arkansas had not recovered from it yet. My dad knows now that it was tough on his parents and older siblings, but to him it was a “great life”!  My dad has not changed during his lifetime; he is still looking for the positive.

Dad met my mother, Dorothy Mae Lindley when he was fifteen years old and on a dare; she sent him a Valentine card. They will be married for 57 years on December 7, 2008. There were two children born to Jesse and Dorothy, Marilyn born in 1952 (deceased 1991) and me, Norma Jean, born in 1958. (No they were not big Marilyn Monroe fans, my dad said that he had never even heard of Marilyn Monroe at the time, he just liked the names.)

Along came three grandsons, Michael Cross, Jr., Scott Cross and James Bradle, Jr. “My boys”, as dad always refers to them are all married and have children of their own. One of dad’s greatest joys are his great-grandchildren, they fill the house with laughter.

My dad left the greatest inheritance I can think of, and that is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and must continue on! Just as Christ Assembly continues on, even after Dad retired and the board elected Scott Cross (My sister Marilyn's youngest son) as the pastor of our church. In my eyes, God gave one of the greatest gifts to our family and the world, when he created my dad (and mom)! "

With utmost respect

Norma Jean Rose Cabezuela

Pastor Rose went to be with the Lord on September 22, 2009 and will be greatly missed on this earth...but we will see him again in Glory! Below is the obituary edited and approved by him, He wouldn't have it any other way!

Pastor Jesse Rose has been singing and  preaching the Word of God since he was twenty years old. Born several month prematurely, soon after the great depression in Arkansas on April 1,1932. There were many times in those first few months, where he wasn’t expected to live, but by the Grace of God his home going was many years away. Pastor Rose throughout the South evangelizing, sharing the Word wherever he could, eventually settling down and starting Christ Assembly Church in National City, CA in 1971. Known for his enthusiasm for the Lord, messages that brought humor, truth and sometimes stepped on your toes a little bit, Pastor Rose was greatly respected by his congregation. His ministry also included playing his guitar, writing and singing Southern Gospel music. Pastor Rose’s message for life included daily prayer, reading God’s Word and believing that God is God. Over the past year his life’s work has culminated in finishing his book “Confessions of Faith”. Pastor Rose is survived by his beloved wife of 58 years, Dorothy, his sister, Iris, and his daughter, Norma Jean.  His grandchildren: Michael and Nyree Cross, great grandchildren: Desiray, Roman and Luke; grandchildren: Scott and Michelle Cross; great grandchildren: Marilyn, Katelyn, Brooklyn and Evelyn; grandchildren: James and Kelly Bradle; great grandchildren: James III, Buck, Shelby, Hank and one on the way. He is also considered dad and grandfather to a large extended family and wonderful friends.
Pastor Jesse & Mrs. Dorothy Rose
"Faithful Servant"
Pastor Jesse O. Rose
April 1, 1932 - September 22, 2009
Sis Rose, Her Grandkids & Great-Grandkids
Proverbs 17:6 Grandchildren are the crown of Grandparents...
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